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Can Laser Therapy Help My Rosacea?

Can Laser Therapy Help My Rosacea?

An estimated 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, and plenty of other people around the world experience it, too. Millions of dollars have been spent trying to find solutions for this common skin condition.

One highly effective treatment is the laser-based photofacial, which uses light to break up imperfections in the skin. At New Image Medical Spa in Fremont, California, Dr. Surinder Sandhu uses this safe, gentle laser treatment for a number of skin conditions, including mitigating the redness caused by rosacea.

Rosacea 101 

Rosacea is a chronic skin disease that causes redness, bumps, and inflammation. The exact cause of rosacea isn’t known, and there’s no cure. However, our laser light-based treatments can help soothe your skin and minimize your symptoms. 

There are four different types of rosacea, each with its own symptoms: 

You can have more than one type of rosacea at a time, and certain factors can put you at risk of developing rosacea. They are:

You can manage your rosacea by avoiding things that trigger inflammation. Use moisturizers and sunscreen to protect your skin, and cover up during cold weather.

Avoid skin products that might irritate your skin, including those that contain witch hazel, alcohol, and exfoliants. Certain foods can also worsen your rosacea, such as cheese, cinnamon, spices, citrus, and hot beverages.

How a photofacial can help

If your rosacea is persistent, you can benefit from professional treatment at our well-appointed medical spa. Dr. Sandhu uses a laser that generates intense pulsed light to even out your complexion and help minimize your symptoms. This process is known as IPL, photorejuvenation, or a photofacial. 

IPL works by targeting imperfections in your skin with a specific wavelength of light. Dr. Sandhu adjusts the wavelength depending on what issue is being treated, which boosts the efficacy and tailors the treatment to you. 

The best part is that IPL therapy is completely noninvasive, and it requires no downtime. You might experience minor side effects like redness and sensitivity, so make sure to protect your face from the sun following treatment. The results of IPL are immediate, and your complexion keeps improving as your skin heals. 

Interested in learning more? Dr. Sandhu can explain the process in detail and help you determine if laser therapy is right for your rosacea. To schedule a consultation, call 510-269-2324, or request an appointment online

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