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Chemical Peels Specialist

New Image Medical Spa

Surinder Sandhu, MD

Medical Spa located in Fremont, CA

Beautiful skin is waiting just below the surface. With chemical peels, Surinder Sandhu, MD, helps her patients uncover that skin. At New Image Medical Spa in Fremont, California, she offers chemical peels to treat acne, the signs of aging, and more. To find out if a peel is right for you, call the office, or schedule a visit online today.

Chemical Peels

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a way to resurface your skin. During this treatment, Dr. Sandhu applies a chemical solution to your skin. This produces a carefully controlled burn of the outermost layer of your skin, encouraging the top layer of your skin to peel away over the coming days. 

As the top layer of dead and damaged skin cells sloughs off, it reveals new, healthy skin cells. With the outermost layer removed, you’ll have more even, radiant skin. 

Dr. Sandhu offers a variety of peels, including Obagi® peels, at a variety of depths to help you achieve your skin goals. 

What can a chemical peel be used to treat?

At New Image Medical Spa, Dr. Sandhu personalizes your peel to you. She can customize your peel to address a wide range of skin concerns, including:

  • Acne
  • Fine lines
  • Large pores
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Dryness
  • Laxity
  • Sun damage

Whether you’re dealing with whiteheads, blackheads, blotchiness, the signs of aging, or another skin problem, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Sandhu if a chemical peel could be right for you. This versatile, transformative treatment has helped countless patients get rejuvenated, beautified skin. 

Is there downtime with a chemical peel?

It depends on the type of peel you chose. Dr. Sandhu offers superficial peels that encourage skin cell turnover with little downtime. But for more dramatic results, you may choose a deeper peel. The deeper your peel, the longer your downtime. More aggressive peels, for example, may leave you peeling for up to 10 days. That said, these deeper peels also offer greater skin transformation. 

Talk with Dr. Sandhu about your skin goals, and she can customize a peel program for you. If, for example, you want to clear imperfections from your skin, but you don’t want the downtime of a deep peel, she can offer a series of superficial peels. At New Image Medical Spa, she personalizes your treatment to align with your preferences and move you toward your ideal skin. 

Chemical peels are extremely versatile, highly effective skin-transforming treatments. To find out how Dr. Sandhu can use a peel to help you get your best skin, call New Image Medical Spa, or schedule a visit online today. 


What is a TCA Cross Treatment?

The chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS), using Trichloroacetic acid (TCA). It is used to elevate atrophic or depressed scars and is usually used with other scar treatments including surgery, subcision, dermal fillers, lasers, and micro-needling. It is used to treat ice pick or boxcar acne scars. When TCA is applied at a very high concentration, it stimulates collagen production from the bottom of a deep acne scar. The collagen formation is gradual, and over 2-3 treatments, collagen formation from the bottom of the scar, fill up the ice pick scar.

Before the procedure

Please wear sunscreen every day. Darker skins may benefit from using lightening agents nightly for two weeks before the procedure.


Please come without makeup or sunscreen. Photos will be taken. Your skin is cleansed and protective eye patches are applied. The TCA is applied to each scar using an applicator and causes some burning. Most people do not need any anesthetic. The treatment will take 15-30 minutes. A white frosting of the skin occurs immediately.

POT Operative Course

The white frost lasts up to 12 hours and is followed by 1-2 days of redness and soreness. After 2-3 days a scab develops and should be allowed to fall off by itself after 3-7 days. WITHOUT PICKING. Subsequent redness takes up to a few weeks to settle.

Darker skin often develops brown discoloration, which may take several weeks to months to resolve and is treated with sun avoidance, sunblock, and lightening creams. Cleanse your skin twice daily with a mild cleanser and apply Aquaphor till the scabs fall off.

After this sunscreen must be applied daily throughout the course to prevent pigmentation. Darker skin patients can apply lightening creams nightly.

Treatment Reccommendations

Treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks. Usually, 3-6 treatments are needed. While improvement is seen typically with each treatment, patience is encouraged as collagen formation is a gradual process that continues approximately for 3 months.