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Heat Stubborn Fat Cells Away with WarmSculpting with SculpSure

Diet and exercise can become frustrating when you don’t have the results that you want. After all of your discipline and commitment to your wellness and fitness, body sculpting may be the missing piece of your weight-loss and toning journey. While it’s not a replacement for portion control and consistent  physical activity, noninvasive body sculpting can help you get past those last few pounds and shape your desired look.

At New Image Medical Spa, in Fremont, CA, Surinder Sandhu, MD provides gentle, effective body contouring. We utilize the safe, proven WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® system, helping you lose those last few stubborn inches and get the body you have worked for. 

Stubborn fat deposits

Your age, sex and body type can all affect how your body metabolises fat, and where it is stored. If you’re a woman, you tend to store fat around your body, in your hips, buttocks, and elsewhere. Men tend to store all their fat around their belly, what some call, a “spare tire.”

Your body shape can also affect fat storage. You could have fat stored around your midsection like an “apple,” or in your hips and glutes, like a “pear.” What you may not know is that fat cells can have differences from person-to-person. The fat cells on different parts of your body could also vary. These can be many tiny fat cells crowded together, or resilient fat cells that have grown large and clumped into deposits.

You likely understand that as you age, your body’s metabolism slows down, which can also mean your body stores more fat. It can get harder to burn off these fat deposits if you haven't challenged your body with exercise, or kept your calories down. 

How WarmSculpting treatments help

The WarmSculpting system works through your body to target fat cells. The laser energy from the handheld device goes through the dermal surface to target the fat directly, disrupting each fat cell’s structure. 

Your body sees these disrupted cells as waste and goes to work flushing them away naturally over time using your body’s lymphatic system. This is the way that New Image Medical Spa can eliminate up to 24% of your remaining fat cells in each treatment area. 

WarmSculpting has a range of uses, and can be applied to your belly and back, love handles and thighs, and even under your chin! Once the fat cells are disrupted, they won’t survive to grow in size or number. All you have to do is keep your remaining fat cells from increasing in size and prevent new fat cells from forming with your diet and activity.

The WarmSculpting treatments usually last about 25 minutes per area, and don’t cause discomfort —  just a gentle warming sensation. You’ll be able to go right back to your day afterward. Dr. Surinder usually recommends 3-5 treatments to get the effects you are looking for.  

If you are ready for the tight, toned body you’ve been striving for, contact our office at 510-269-2560 or request an appointment online using our convenient scheduling tool today.

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