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Say Yes to Kybella and Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Say Yes to Kybella and Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Plenty of people have fat deposits they might not feel confident about. Many of these have certain nicknames, such as muffin tops and love handles. While these areas are easily hidden, a double chin is harder to hide. If you’re struggling to shed submental fat, it might be time to consider a more targeted solution. 

New Image Medical Spa in Fremont, California, led by Dr. Surinder Sandhu, provides safe, effective Kybella treatment to help you get rid of your double chin once and for all.

What causes submental fat 

When your body begins to put on weight, some areas collect fat more easily than others. Likewise, this also applies to losing weight. Even with a strict diet and exercise plan, you might find it hard to get rid of fat deposits in certain areas, including: 

Fat underneath the chin, or submental fat (SMF), is one of the most difficult to get rid of. Contrary to popular belief, targeted fat loss is not effective. Exercising certain areas such as the arms will not help you achieve thinner arms; it will only help you build muscle. 

This doesn’t mean that exercise or muscle training does not help. A muscular body will burn more calories faster than a flabby one. However, if you’re trying to get rid of fat in a specific area, you’ll need to approach it from another angle. 

How Kybella can help 

If you’ve reached your goal weight or gotten close to it, stubborn submental fat might feel like a setback in your weight loss journey. After all, many photos only involve the head and shoulders, and a double chin is nearly impossible to hide. 

For women, this problem can be twice as frustrating. A double chin is more likely to be noticed on a woman than a man, and it’s often considered unattractive. Even though it’s a natural location for the body to store fat, there has been a demand for double chin removal for decades. 

With Kybella, you can achieve this without invasive surgery or liposuction. It works using deoxycholic acid, a substance produced by the body to help with fat management. When injected, it begins to break down the membranes to fat cells. 

The deoxycholic acid permanently destroys them, preventing fat from collecting in that area in the future. Your body processes the fat and acid in the following days, leading to an overall reduction of submental fat. 

It can take a few sessions to fully eliminate your double chin, ranging anywhere from 2-6 treatments. Dr. Sandhu can examine your jaw and give an estimate during your consultation. 

Ready to say goodbye to your double chin? Schedule a visit to New Image Medical Spa by calling 510-269-2324, or request an appointment online

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