5 Skin Benefits of PRP Therapy

5 Skin Benefits of PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has become popular due to its versatility. The procedure uses a blood sample to create a serum that can be injected or applied to boost healing. The concept might sound too good to be true, but PRP therapy can provide many skin benefits, especially when used in tandem with other treatments. 

At New Image Medical Spa in Fremont, California, Dr. Surinder Sandhu uses PRP treatment as a complement to microneedling or dermal fillers for smoother, fresher, clearer skin. If you want to take full advantage of modern medical spa treatments plus the regenerative power of your body’s own healing properties, this is a good way to go.

How and why PRP works

Within your blood, platelets and blood cells are suspended in plasma. Blood is crucial to the healing process, and platelets are the “first responders” to the site of an injury. They clot the wound, call growth hormones to the area, and stimulate the healing process.

PRP treatment works by isolating the platelets and plasma from the rest of your blood’s components. This healing serum is perfect for customized treatment because it’s automatically biocompatible. PRP can’t work miracles, but it can boost your body’s natural healing abilities where it’s used. 

While platelet-rich plasma has its limits, it also has many benefits, including for your skin. 

5 skin benefits of PRP therapy

PRP therapy has plenty of applications, but its efficacy shines through when used in skin care. Here are five notable skin benefits of platelet-rich plasma. 

  1. It treats a variety of skin issues, including aging, sun damage, and dark undereye circles
  2. It reduces recovery time, healing your skin faster after minimally invasive treatments like microneedling 
  3. It prolongs results, providing your body with platelets to continue the healing process after treatment 
  4. It’s made using your own blood, which means your body accepts the platelets faster and with reduced side effects
  5. It’s compatible with other treatments, including microneedling, Botox®, and fillers 

Platelet-rich plasma is also simple to create from just a small sample of your own blood, so it’s easy to add to your skin care regimen. Dr. Sandhu often uses PRP to address common concerns such as wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone or texture, and dryness.

Using PRP to complement your microneedling or dermal filler treatment leaves you with incredible, glowing skin. The impressive thing about PRP therapy is how many opportunities it creates.

To learn more about platelet-rich plasma and how you can incorporate it into your skin care routine, schedule a consultation at New Image Medical Spa. You can get in touch by calling 510-269-2324, or you can request an appointment online.

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